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Ab sofort ist das Programm für den Internationalen Kongress HAPPY NEW EARS online. Hier kann die Teilnahme am HAPPY NEW EARS-Kongress gebucht werden. Wenn die Junge Oper am Nationaltheater Mannheim aus Anlass ihres zehnjährigen Bestehens vom 20. bis 27. November 2016 das europäische Festival des zeitgenössischen Musiktheaters für junges Publikum HAPPY NEW EARS veranstaltet, lädt das Kinder- […]

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Paul Harman about Augenblick mal! 2015

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Bright Sun, Dull Plays, Good Talk, One Masterpiece

Augenblick mal! 2015 in Berlin was one of the best gatherings of TYA people from around the World that I have enjoyed in 35 years membership of ASSITEJ.

The Artistic Encounter discussion groups drew on Open Space principles to give everyone a chance to speak, discuss, debate and learn. Keynotes were short and by independent academics with no axe to grind. With 12 new topics to choose from each time we met, related to an overall theme, everyone could focus on what they found most interesting. You could meet new people as you went from conversation
to conversation and also get to know some people more deeply when you found they had the same interests as yourself. A great model for open debate.

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IPAY 2015 – Bebe de Soares guest at Kindling Sessions

Bebe de Soares was invited to participate of the Kindling Sessions at the IPAY- International Performing Arts for Youth Convention in Philadelphia in Jan 2015

It has been a most interesting visit, meeting old friends and closing several others.
Most important, a view on the US culture field of presenters, artists and agents.
Awesome showcases and spotlight shows, giving the opportunity to know inspiring works.
Looking forward making some projects to present at the next IPAY encounter in Montreal 2016!!